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The whole plasticparts assortment shows now standard prices. If you want to order larger quantities than pointed out, we like to grant you a special discount - dependent from your demand. Kindly contact us therefore by e-mail or phone.

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Operating Devices (plastic/metal)

Spacers and washers (various materials)

Universal Elastic Bumpers

Electronic Accessories

Expansion connectors

Thread Plugs for tubes

Glas rests (concave, convex)

Glides - Furniture glides

Classic handgraps (smooth, rough, ripped)

Suction pads transparent

Handrails f. flat iron PVC & Accessories

Height Adjustment Parts - adjusting plugs

Ferrules and endpieces

Plastic-Inserts - lamella plugs

Machine-Feet - adjustable feet

Cover Cups - rivet and screw covers

Alu profiles - plastic U-profiles

Puffer - Bumpers - srew-on-feet

Shock-Mount - various models

Connectors (square, rectancular, or round tube)

Sleeve feet (PVC-soft)

Washers and spacers according to DIN

Connector Pins - connection technology

Fence-Accessories (caps, tension wire clamp)

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