MGEM - Stainless steel adjustable foot with moulded-in rubber base

Stainless steel adjustable machine foot with moulded-in rubber base, slightly tilting

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Colors: Metal, black (rubber)

Material: Steel feet with rubber base


  • Cover: AISI 304 (A2)
  • A round profile stainless steel cover with integrally noise and vibration reducing rubber base. This ensures that the rubber does not fall out during transportation, and that the foot does not have a cavity where dirt and bacteria may collect.
  • Rubber: NBR 75 Shore, Black
  • Type MGEM has a rounded, hygienic design which makes it easy to clean.
  • Spindle: AISI 304 (A2)
  • Type MGEM can cope with up to 5° slopes on floors and equipment
  • Srew load can be lower (unsupported length over which buckling occurs!)
  • Patent: The type "MGEM" is protected from imitation.

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