Interesting world of adhesives!

Advantages of gluing

Glueing often offers great advantages compared with mechanical fixing methods.

Do you know why? Ask us!
Beside our main programme and many other products of leading manufacturers we offer you:

  • Rapid and accurate conversion of tapes (single- and double-sided)
  • Die-cutting of tapes and customized products (e.g. sheets)
  • Technical advice and solutions
  • Training programmes - individually tailored to customer requirements

We want you to have always an optimal solution!

Useful information

Here you find tips, tricks and instructions for processing, storing and cleaning of our adhesive products.

Processing and storage information

Processing notes for PM Anti-Slip, PM Route, PM Stripe and further marking tapes


On twenty pages you can find compact information about our various product range and our extensive services.

Here you can ask for your free "Self-Adhesive technology"- catalogue...

Safety solutions

  • PM Anti-Slip: cares for slip resistance indoor and outside (on stairs, ramps and other tread surfaces)
  • PM Route und PM Stripe: floor marking systems for warehouses and production halls, staircases etc.

    Product selection Security solutions...


  • self-adhesive, made of polyurethane, in transparent, black and further colours;
  • Also available as rolls in different thicknesses!
  • Custom-made products are possible!

More informations about Elastic-bumpers...

Die-cut parts - the small assistants as big ones …

single-, double-sided or non-bonding - customised and based on your requirements and application areas!

Whether for the automotive industry, mobile phones, appliances, ophthalmic optics, print finishing etc., we produce standard parts prompt and custom products depending on complexity and demand, between 2 and 4 weeks.

Gladly we support you with the fabrication of prototypes. With the aid of our laser we can also produce small quantities economical. We are looking forward to assist you active by the realisation of your projects!

Here you'll find our die-cut parts...

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