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Our product range includes numerous adhesive products for almost all adhesive joints. Our customers bond a wide variety of materials to and with each other: metals (also powder-coated), plastics, wood, paper, fabrics, textiles, foams, glass, rubber and many others. The applications range from the simplest fastenings in the areas of post-print or bookbinding and P.O.S. - such as folder gluing, fastening of promotional articles, paper and cardboard, display production - to high-strength connections in metal construction. Sealing materials against moisture or draughts are also included.

In addition to our double-sided adhesive tapes, acrylic foam adhesive tapes (e.g. 3M VHBTM series) and adhesives (cyanoacrylates, MS polymers, 2-component adhesives etc.), we also stock marking tapes and anti-slip tapes in various designs - see safety solutions. Resolvable connections by means of magnetic tapes, magnetic foils, Velcro fasteners and removable adhesive tapes are the answer to flexible or time-limited assembly tasks.

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Sealing, damping, soft-mounting

PM Elastic-Bumpers (non-slip, self-adhesive)

Fingerlift-tapes (extended paper liner)

Flexo-printing - PM cliché mounting tapes

Foil carrier - double-sided tapes

Lattice-carrier / cloth-carrier

PM Adhesives

Foam carrier - mounting tapes

Safety solutions (anti-slip strips, floor marking tapes)

Die-cut parts (made to measure)

Without carrier (transfer tapes)

Non-woven / paper carrier

Processing devices, accessories

Detachable mounting systems

3M VHB™ high-performance tapes

Special products

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