Serie PM Klischee - double-sided foil tape

for cliché mounting

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The double-sided tape PM Klischee consists of a PVC carrier, coated on both sides with a rubber adhesive. For cliché mounting in flexographic printing

Colors: transparent

Carrier: PVC

Adhesive: rubber

Liner: PP-foil corrugated, both sides siliconized, colour depends on thickness

Total thickness: 0,10/0,15/0,20/0,25/0,30 mm

Adhesion: depends on product

Temperature resistance: 0° C / +60° C

The cliché mounting tape offers a high initial strength and a medium final strength on metals, different plastics (e.g. ABS, polycarbonate, rigid PVC, acrylic glass, PP, PE, etc.), wood, stone and glass. The product was especially developed for cliché mounting and can be removed from many surfaces without residues (own tests are absolutely necessary). The transparent foil-carrier enables the accurate identification of markers on the printing cylinder respectively mounting table.


  • cliché mounting tape for flexo-printers
  • fixing of stamp pressure plates
  • making up components on engraving tables
  • applications which require removal of materials from different, smooth surfaces

Characteristics Serie PM Klischee - double-sided foil tape

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