PM Sealing tapes - or glazing tapes

different materials and designs

PM Sealing tapes are single-, double-sided or not bonding. Depending of the use different foams (PE, PV, PU, EPDM/APTK, CR/Neopren) are used.

Colors: black, white, grey, transparent, depends on product, anthrazit

Carrier: depends on product (PE-, PVC-, PU-, EPDM/APTK-, CR/Neopren-foams)

Adhesive: rubber or acrylic

Liner: paper or foil

Total thickness: depends on product (from approx. 1,0 mm up to > 15,0 mm

Adhesion: depends on product

Temperature resistance: depends on product

Depending of the use different foams (PE-foam, PVC-foam, PU-foam, EPDM/APTK-foam, CR/Neopren) are used. The sealing tapes convince with a high tack and are - depending on product - designed for indoor or outdoor use. They distinguish themselfes by a very good adhesion on different plastics, metal, stone, wood and glass.

Sealing of gaps and connection joints on walls/concrete/wood, as glazing tape, glass, machine and device construction, spacer, etc.

Characteristics PM Sealing tapes - or glazing tapes

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