RP 25 - Special polish for cleaning and tending handrails

RP 25 - Special polish for cleaning and tending handrails

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Colors: Transparent


RP 25 cleaning polish for handrails

  • fast surface dissolving
  • creates a smooth surface and makes a perfect shine

The surface of the handrail should be treated with the specialfpolish RP 25 after finalized fitting of f handrail. The surface will be simultaneously cleaned thoroughly and slightly dissolved and closed and it received with that a perfect shine. With that treatment the surface gets a perfect shine and becomes dirt-resistant for a long time.

Soak a fluff-free and bright cutton fabric rich with RP 25. Now apply RP 25 in one direction without any pressure in one gulp to the handrail surface. You can repeat the process after airing out for several minutes, until you have got a perfect shining surface. Please observe the technical data sheet.

Content: 250 ml

Instruction for assembly

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