MGEG - Stainless steel adjustable foot with rubber base and plate

Stainless steel adjustable machine foot with rubber base and fastening plate

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Colors: Metal, black (Rubber)

Material: Steel feet with rubber base


  • Fastening: This model is built on type MGEM. A 3 mm steel plate hasbeen cast into the bottom of the steel cover. Under the steel plate there is a 2 mm rubber pad, which ensures thet the rubber is perfectly firm, and no cavities are created between the steel cover and the floor after fastening. The type is designed so that it retains noise- and vibration-reducing effects after it has been fastened to the floor
  • Cover: Acid-resistant 1.4401 (A2)
    A stainless steel cover with round shoulder where the noise- and vibration-reducing rubber is cast together with the steel jacket. This ensures that the rubber does not fall out during transportation, and that the foot does not have a cavity where dirt and bacteria may collect.
  • Rubber: Perbunan, Black:
    The rubber is a black perbunan mixture which is well suited and specially developed to be able to resist the chemical and physical environment which is in evidence in the food industry.
  • Threaded bolt: Acid-resistant 1.4401 (A2)
    The threaded bolt is - like the steel jacket - made of acid-resistant stainless steel A2. The thread is placed inside the steel jacket so that it is protected against fractures and can absorb slants on floor and equiment up to c. 5°. The thread can turn in steel jacket even under weight, whiche makes levelling easier and prevents movements of the machine while this is being done.

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