JTMG/ISK - hexagonal adjusting screw and thread end

Adjustable feet with stainless steel cover, hexagonal adjusting screw and hexagon in the thread end (swivelling base)

Net prices range from EUR 1.7380 to 5.2378.
Kindly note our minimum order amount of €11.00.
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Colors: Black

Screw: DIN 558-4.6.A2F (zinc-plated)
Cover: Stainless Steel
Base: Polypropylene (PP)


  • Specials: stainless screw, further thread lengths/sizes.
  • Adjustable feet are not suitable as load gliders.
  • Assembly support: Torx T20 inside the base (max. torsional 3.4 Nm).
  • The applicability for automated assembly will be examined by the costumer. Standard delivery is whithout warranty for applicability for automated assembly (range of torque, tolerance limits of thread and more).
  • Screw load can be lower (unsupported length over with buckling occurs!).

Material information without obligation for Polypropylen

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