Processing and storage information

Surface cleaning before bonding

Before starting the bonding process, it is absolutely necessary to remove pollutions (e.g. dirt, oil, mould release agents etc.). Therefore you may use e.g. the following cleaning agents: PM surface cleaner (isopanol/water-mixture), heptane, ethanol, aceton, MEK and others which don´t leave any residues and don´t attack the substrate.

Take a clean and fluff-free rag or a one way cloth! The suitability of the before mentioned solvents especially on plastics and varnish generally has to be done by self-tests on a non-visible area. Note: follow absolutely the safety instructions of the producer with regard to the handling with chemicals and solvents.

If a mechanical treatment of the substrates is necessary (e.g. removal of oxides on metals or of mould release agents on plastics by the use of abrasives – e.g. Scotch BriteTM 7447), firstly pass the before documented, chemical cleaning process. Also repeat it after the mechanical treatment to remove the abrasive dust.

Why cleaning?

The pretreatment of the surface has essential influence on the effectiveness of the binding strengths between adhesive and materials and determines the strength and
resistance against aging.

Further pretreatment

Some materials (e.g. polyolefins like PP/PE) respectively sucking and/or blowy substrates need the use of a primer. Our sales team informs you about the suitable product – depending on the particular application or rather adhesive.


The ideal bonding temperature is between +15 º C and +25 º C, some adhesives respectively tapes can be used down from 0° to 5° C.

Contact pressure

An important criterion when using pressure sensitive adhesives (like they find use on tapes) is the contact pressure. Only an appropriately high pressure (e.g. with a pinch roller or a rakel) the pressure-sensitive adhesive can develop its performance completely. Guidance level: ca. 20 N/cm2 (depends on substrate)

Storage conditions

At normal room climate (ca. +20 º C and 50% humidity) the shelf life of the tapes or adhesives is between 6 and 12 months (depending on the kind of adhesive) in the original packaging, starting with the receipt by the customer.

General notes

All before mentioned details and technical informations are based on laboratory examinations or supplier details.

These were found out by best knowledge; a liability to completeness and correctness cannot be given. It is necessary to check the suitability for the individual purpose
before using one of our products and to ask us if you have any questions. Our products have to be used and stored unreachable for children.

Questions concerning guarantee and liability of our products are regulated by our general terms and conditions of trade.

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