Instruction for assembly

Plasticmetall handrail profiles are based on a long lasting experienced top quality. With modern technology of manufacturing highest demands on dimension and shape can be achieved. Its very modern composition is absolute accurate and free of any heavy metals.

Plasticmetall handrails are available for all common sizes of core rail: The Very popular oval sections 30 x 8 mm, 35 x 8 mm, 40 x 8 mm and 50 x 8 mm, which are most frequently used, are completed with round sections. Fort he representative stair case Plasticmetall offers architects an building owners an optimal number of different sections and a wide colour range from up to 28 modern colours.

Plasticmetall – handrail is made of thermoplastic material and therefore easily formable and weldable. In daily use, it is resistant, longlasting and easy to maintain. The Plasticmetall handrail retains its good looks for years and has a comfortable grip. For outside use the colours gold, blue and silver are not recommended.

1. core rail

To ensure a tight fit oft he Plasticmetall handrail profiles on the core rail it must be checked before fitting assembly, whether the measures of the core rail is exactly corresponding tot he dimension of the handrail section. For this purpose, the profiles are produced very accurately with appropriate tension. The assessment of the effective measures is only possible once the handrail is applied.

The core rail has to be protected against corrosion. It must be smooth and flat. Any remaining material or dirt on the core rail has to be eliminated before the start of handrail fitting.

2. heating and fitting of the Plasticmetall handrail

The Plasticmetall handrail profiles have to be heated up to approx. 80° C before fitting. The special hot-air blower Bicothermic SIS is recommended. The fitting process of handrail is carried out from the top floor down continuously.

The handrail profile is warmed up continuously during slow drawing through the air hose of the Bicothermic until an effortless plastic formability of the profile is achieved. Then the heated profile is fitted onto the core rail while bending of the two side rolls. After cooling down, a perfect fit of the handrail profile on the core section is ensured.

In the area of bends the handrail profile has to be heated up more intensively than on the straights. In case of sharp bends or small radii, the profile needs to be stretched on the outside and compressed on the inside. Until cooling down of the profile a fixation by bandaging with the Plasticmetall fixation band is recommended.

  • handrail 30x8 – 10 cm
  • handrail 35x8 – 11 cm
  • handrail 40x8 – 12 cm
  • handrail 40x8 C – 12 cm
  • handrail 50x8 – 15 cm
  • handrail R40 – 20 cm
  • handrail R55 – 25 cm

3. welding on Plasticmetall handrail profiles

First an accurate cut with a special scissors or a fin saw has to be done.

The inner edges have to be trimmed, to avoid the formation of an obstructive welding bulge. The profile ends have to be put on both sides to the heated flanks oft he welding blade. On visible beginning of melting, the ends are pulled away from the welding blade and put together smoothly, so that they flow into one another.

After welding together the created welding bulge has to be removed with a sharp knife. The inner side of the welding bulge should not be reworked as possible. The areas, straightened before with the knife, have to be flattened after cooling with a file or with fine sandpaper (120/180). Scratches can be completely eliminated by proceeding as described in point 5.

4. end caps for the Plasticmetall handrails

Handrail 40x8 und 40x8 C:
The end cap has to be inserted into the corresponding Plasticmetall handrail section and cold welded with the special adhesive Plastimetall SK 15 in the handrail profile. We offer for all 28 colours oft he handrail 40x8 and the 8 colors oft he 40x8 C exact matching end caps in material and in shape.

Flat band:
The flat band is used for the  assembly and thermal welding of the end caps. The end cap has to be cut out of the flat band first and after that it has to be welded with the plastic-welding blade to the end of the already assembled handrail by using a hardwood block. The welding is carried out as described above. When welding on the end cap, make sure that the handrail profile is about 25 mm longer than the core rail.

5. The perfect finish oft he handrail fitting with RP 25

We recommend the use of our special cleaning polish for Plasticmetall plastic handrails.

The surface of the Plasticmetall handrail hast o be wiped over in one direction with a fluff-free, light and with RP 25 soaked cotton cloth. At first leave the product to evaporate. Depending on the result, you can repeat the process until a perfect result on surface is achieved. If scratches arose during the handrail fitting, they can be easily smoothened by using a 180-sandpaper and before polishing with RP 25.

We recommend this final process for all Plasticmetall handrail sections to achieve a perfect, closed and dirt-resistant surface.

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