3M 4957F - double-sided tape with acrylic foam carrier

thickness: 1,50 mm, transparent foil liner, for bonding up from 0° C

The 3M 4957F VHB ™ high-performance adhesive tape has a closed-cell acrylate adhesive core. For bonding up from 0° C.

Colors: grey

Carrier: acrylic foam

Adhesive: acrylic

Liner: transparent foil, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: 1,50 mm

Adhesion: 110,00 N/25 mm at 20° C

Temperature resistance: -35° C / +90° C, short periods +150° C

VHB ™ high-performance adhesive tapes for joints with the highest load capacity. Instead of screws, rivets, spot welding - even force distribution. The closed-cell acrylic adhesive core forms an almost inseparable unit with the two functional adhesive surfaces. Unlike conventional foam adhesive tapes, the consistently viscoelastic adhesive creates a permanent, tension-free bond. In addition, the 3M ™ VHB ™ high-performance connection systems are vibration-damping and, due to their closed-cell structure, seal. The new generation of adaptable high-performance adhesive tapes is also characterized by good impact resistance at minus temperatures and good plasticizer resistance.

3M ™ VHB ™ high-performance connection systems can be found in all industrial sectors, such as B. in aircraft construction, the vehicle, electrical and electronics industry, in ship and rail vehicle construction, as well as metal construction.

Productinformations - 3M 4957F double-sided tape with acrylic foam carrier - pdf download

Characteristics 3M 4957F - double-sided tape with acrylic foam carrier

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